What Is PreservAll?

PreservAll is a new company that enables consumers to buy Intercept Technology™, the most advanced protective material for packaging due to its superior performance, ease of use, flexibility and simplicity. Years ago, a museum conservator commented that no one had ever developed a material to protect garments. As a matter of fact, all existing products were designed for protecting multiple types of items, none with the specific purpose of garment protection. As a result, we decided to go forth and create such a product. PreservAll now provides consumers access to the only long-term, chemical-free protection product specifically designed for garments, textiles, clothing, and a variety of other materials affected by the environment.

The Intercept Technology™ for PreservAll was developed by Bell Labs over 25 years ago. This patented material creates an exceptional barrier that naturally neutralizes air pollution. Pollution is what destroys and fades garments, fabrics, clothing, textiles, leather, paper, plastics, and more. It breaks down and weakens these materials over time. PreservAll also controls mold and mildew, and keeps your treasured items fresh and immaculate, free from dirt, dust and insects. Simply place your items inside the PreservAll bag and you can rest assured they will be properly protected for up to 20 years.

Traditional packaging and storage materials can cause damage to your items. Standard plastics, dry cleaner bags, and plastic garment bags, and many other storage products contain additives which can be released from the plastic and leave deposits, thereby damaging sensitive materials. PreservAll Bags are extremely clean... they contain no chemicals, volatiles or contaminates. The PreservAll Bags have been specially engineered to ensure years of safe storage, protecting your favorite items from:

PreservAll Works Better

garment preservation processScientists at Bell Labs developed a method to combine a proprietary copper particle with a plastic material into highly reactive protective sheeting known as Intercept Technology. PreservAll uses this same protective packaging material to keep damaging corrosive air contaminants and gases away, by absorbing and neutralizing the trapped gases left inside of closed spaces. PreservAll not only delivers superior protection for textiles and fabrics, but it also protects all the materials used in the creation of your most prized garments: ornamental beading, buttons, decorative metals, clasps and fasteners, specialty threads, leathers, faux fur, animal skins, plastics, and more. Only PreservAll utilizes Intercept Technology™, the leader in clean, chemical-free protection for all of these different materials.

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