Worries of Firearm Storage

Firearm Storage

Firearm storage is a worrisome endeavor for many gun owners. In theory, when you store something it should put your mind at ease – there’s a sense of security to it.

When you get home from your nightly commute, you park the car in the garage. When you’ve finished reading a book, you close it and put it on the shelf. You know these things will be there tomorrow, unharmed.

There’s a myriad of factors that come into play when deciding how to storage something, among them are:

Where am I going to store X?
How long will I need to store X?
Will X be safe in storage?

For us, this is especially true with firearms. Perhaps more so than any other possession, guns inspire a sense of responsibility. Not only because of their immense power but also because of their delicate intricacies.

Storing firearms requires foresight and planning.



Space (or Lack Thereof)

Lack of Space for Firearm Storage
Lack of Space for Firearm Storage

One common complaint you hear amongst hunters and gun collectors is NEVER HAVING ENOUGH SPACE IN THEIR GUN SAFES.

It’s also the reason why seasoned veterans or anyone in the industry will implore you to go bigger rather than smaller when choosing your gun safe- The amount of guns you have will most likely increase, the amount of space you have to store them will not.

A limited amount of space often requires maximum efficiency, and so compartmentalizing your firearms and other accessories is important. Using smaller cases inside gun safes is a common strategy, not only does a case keep everything organized; it protects your firearms too, right?…

Not necessarily.

Using a gun case inside a gun safe actually takes up more space then you need it to. Remember, every inch of space inside your gun safe is precious.

Gun cases can be bulky and take up to 3x the amount of space that the firearms itself would.

Additionally, gun cases could lead to more…



Moisture Can Occur in a Variety of Ways
Moisture Can Occur in a Variety of Ways

Gun cases can be lined with sheepskin, cardboard or foam – and depending on the other materials they contain, gun cases could actually increase the likelihood that your firearms will be exposed to moisture while in storage.

This is because the materials used in many cases actually attract moisture rather than prevent it.

That’s a major dilemma, when you consider that rust is more than likely the number one reaction you’re trying to avoid on your guns.

Moisture leads to rust on metals and rust on your guns can lead to fail-to-fires as well as other degradations.

The fear of moisture in your gun safe is a valid one, and it’s arguably the most prominent of all firearm storage worries.

Often times, people will use a desiccant such as silica gel packs in their safe in order to counteract moisture. But contrary to popular belief, silica gels draw more moisture into the safe itself, not dispell it.

Moisture, in addition to the type of climate you’re storing your guns in, can lead to…



Mildew is a Common Worry When Storing Firearms
Mildew is a Common Worry When Storing Firearms

Mildew is especially common in fireproof and fire-resistant gun safes. Due to the retardant nature of the materials used in fireproof and fire-resistant safes and the lack of light present inside them, the inside of fireproof and fire resistant safes are often times a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

This can have especially negative effects on collectable firearms, antiques or any other firearms with wooden stocks. Non-synthetic firearms, accessories and components stored in a gun safe that contains mold or mildew is a major worry, as organic materials are more apt to degrade.

Climate and humidity play a pivotal role in whether or not your gun safe will begin producing mildew and mold, however, this can be a problem even in dry areas of the globe.


The Simple Solution

PreservAll Ends Firearm Storage Worry1. Gun safes are tight on space.
2. Compartmentalization can be inefficient.
3. Certain cases and desiccants lead to MORE moisture.
4. Gun safes often produce mold and mildew.

These are the plight of the firearm owner. All these factors add up to the overwhelming feeling of the inability to combat agents of corrosion and it seems like there’s no viable option to maintain the integrity of your firearmsbut there is!

The 4 problems listed above are easily solved with PreservAll’s firearm protection bags. Thoroughly tested and verified in extreme environments like Singapore, Japan, Australia, and far northern climates, PreservAll protects against mold, mildew, corrosion, rust, and tarnish.

With the exception of fire, PreservAll covers all the bases when considering which gun storage options are the most efficient. By using a more effective technology in a slimmer and sleeker format, PreservAll provides more protection than gun cases while still allowing for organization.

So when it comes to firearm storage anxiety, get rid of the nerves and put your mind at ease by using PreservAll.

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