What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Gun Storage Bags

Storing your gun isn’t just about locking it out of harm’s way; it’s also about keeping the gun itself safe—safe from moisture and dirt, things which could compromise the operation of the gun and lead to a misfire.  Storage bags are extremely important.  They help ensure the proper storage of your weapon, which could help to prevent theft or even the weapon’s ending up in the wrong hands (like the hands of your two-year-old), and they also ensure that your gun is stored safely out of the way of dirt, moisture, and other potentially damaging elements that could compromise the safety of your gun.  However, while purchasing a storage bag is an important step towards maintaining the safety of both you and your gun, there are also some important things to consider to ensure the gun storage bag you purchase is the right choice.

Different kinds of guns need to be stored differently.

There are some distinct differences in guns that require different storage fiream revolverprotocols, well, pretty obvious.  For instance, you would never store a rifle the same way that you would store a handgun.  However, there are some less obvious distinctions in the features of your gun that you need to know about so you can make sure you are storing your weapon properly.  Some firearms, for instance, have wooden laminates that can easily be spoiled by moisture.  While all firearms are at a certain level of risk when it comes to moisture, those with laminates are at a more heightened risk.  It is important that you know your weapon so you can takes steps towards purchasing the right type of gun storage bag to keep it safe.

What do you need to protect your gun from?

Moisture is one of the worst things a gun can be exposed to.  Exposure to moisture can lead to mildewing, rusting, bluing, and even corrosion within the inner working mechanisms of the gun—and that can have some very serious consequences.  On top of keeping your gun stored in a dry, moisture-free area, you will also want to ensure your gun storage bag is waterproof—and that it can help repel humidity.  Some people also store their firearms with the silica gel packets, you usually find in your new pair of shoes, to help keep the humidity away.

Moisture is the obvious enemy, but dust and body oils can also damage your gun over time.  For this reason, it is important to clean your firearm well before you store it, but it is also important to buy gun storage bags that will protect your gun from dust and oils that could lead to corrosion or oxidation.  Many of these bags can also protect against temperature fluctuations.

What about the things you can’t see?

It may seem easy to protect your firearm from dust and mildew, but what about atmospheric pollution and the ozone?  Over time, these unseen elements can lead to oxidation and corrosion.  Fortunately, technological advances have enabled a new line of gun storage bags to be brought into existence.  Here at PreservAll, our gun storage bags are built with military grade Intercept Technology, which is used to protect aircraft from the damage caused by corrosion.  PreservAll gun storage bags and pistol sleeves work to actively stabilize and lengthen the life of your firearm’s gun oil by neutralizing reactive and corrosive gases.

Make sure your gun is stored where you know it will be safe; store it in a PreservAll gun storage bag.

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