Wedding Dress Storage Bags-Why You Need One!

Many women fantasize about their wedding dress much before they ever get married or even plan their nuptials. Brides may want to keep their wedding gown to give to someone close to them that gets married, like their daughter, or as a memento of their wedding day. PreservAll storage bags help keep these dresses looking as great as they did the day they were bought. They keep them free from dirt and dust, physical damage, insects, mold and mildew, and damaging UV light that leads to colors fading and breakdown of fabric and other materials in wedding dresses.

wedding dressesIt Keeps the Dress Clean

You wouldn’t want your wedding dress, a garment that you spent a lot of money on and which acts as a memory of your special day, to get dirty during moving or storage. PreservAll storage bags help to keep your wedding dress pristine and free of stains, dirt, and dust that can accumulate after a few years of storage. This may come in handy if you ever want to pass on your dress to a friend or family member, or sell it at a later date.

It Keeps the Dress from Being Damaged

Many wedding dresses can have delicate details such as lace, beading, or crystal embellishments that increase the cost of the dress and can be easily ruined if not stored properly. Don’t leave your beautiful dress open to the abuse of physical damage. Take care to store your gown in a storage bag to prevent any unnecessary destruction.

It Ensures Insects Won’t Get to Your Dress

Insects can summarily destroy clothing. You need to take precautions against bugs such as moths that can quickly chew holes and leave your dress looking ragged. Properly packing your wedding dress in a storage bag can keep these nasty pests from ruining and turning your gown into a meal.

It Keeps the Dress Free from Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are types of fungi that will not only leave unsightly stains on your wedding gown, they have distinctive, strong odors that will make the dress absolutely unwearable. Mold and mildew are usually caused by exposure to excess moisture and can be easily prevented by conscientious storage. Particularly humid climates makes proper storage of important clothing items necessary.

It Keeps the Dress Protected from Sun Light

Sun light can significantly impact the color of fabrics. It has the potential to bleach your wedding dress leaving noticeable spots of discoloration that you definitely won’t appreciate or be able to reverse. The materials of PreservAll storage bags help keep your dress protected from the damaging effects of UV light.

PreservAll storage bags will keep your wedding gown untarnished and looking as perfect as it did on your wedding day. It helps to keep your dress protected from a variety of dirt and contaminants, pests, mold, mildew, and sun light that can damage the gown beyond repair. If you’re keeping your dress, store is properly with a PreservAll storage bag. You’ll be glad you did this when you can proudly show off your wedding gown for years to come.

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