Tip to Store Your Guns Safely

Hunters, target shooters and other gun enthusiasts are quite often also outdoors people. A hunting trip or a journey to a good outdoor shooting range can be a way to feel reconnected with the world and get a breath of fresh air while sharpening your skills, spending time with friends and family, and possibly even bagging a delicious dinner or two along the way. Some times of the year are better than others for outdoor excursions. The woods that were fun to hunt in during the summertime are quite a different place after the temperature drops and the snow falls. During the off season, it’s important to store your guns in a safe and protective gun storage bag so they’ll be ready to go again when the weather becomes less forbidding.

Cleanliness Is About More Than Looking Good

store guns in storage bagWhen it’s time to put your guns in a long term storage bag, one of the first things you’ll want to do is to clean them up. Not only do dirt and moisture look bad, but they can also corrode the metal of your gun, causing stains, rust spots and malfunctions. Moisture especially can weaken your gun, leaving you with an unpleasant surprise when you unpack it. Use generous amounts of gun oil to lubricate your guns and protect them from accumulating moisture. Remember that when you’re ready to take your guns out of storage, you’ll want to enjoy the anticipation of using them; you don’t want to be forced into the chore of cleaning ingrained dirt instead.

Use a Gun Safe for Extra Protection

Guns are powerful devices, but they can be quite fragile. It only takes one bad fall to scratch the surface of your gun or bend and dislocate its mechanisms. Leaving your guns in the open is not only extremely unsafe, but it can also lead to their destruction. Heavy objects can fall and land on them, pets can decide to use them as chew toys, and moisture and dirt have free access to your guns. A gun safe will keep your guns secure and sheltered from the unexpected hazards to be found in a storage room.

Keeping People Safe Is Your Top Priority

You know that guns aren’t toys, but children and pets (and, let’s face it, certain adults) can’t be counted on to know that. If you have trigger locks, those should be on for the duration of your gun’s time in storage. Keep ammunition in a separate place from your guns and never ever leave a loaded gun in storage. Make certain that everyone in your home knows the rules of gun safety, even if they aren’t old enough to fire a gun yet.

Look Forward to the Season

Your guns may be put away, but if you store them well and keep them safe and clean, getting them out at the beginning of the season can feel a bit like an extra Christmas. Remember that your storage habits will affect your shooting in the coming season. Be clean, be safe and remember to have fun!

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