Tips for Long Term Gun Storage

Guns are tools, yes, but like many tools they don’t get used every day. Whether you are an avid hunter, collector, or simply own a firearm for personal protection, ensuring that it is stored securely, as well as properly is important.

What’s the difference?

Securing your firearms references locking it in a safe, or using a trigger lock and place the weapon out of sight. Proper gun storage, however, refers to the environment and methods you use to ensure a gun will remain in fine working condition in between uses.

gun storage1.  Consider usage and maintenance schedule

Most definitely. If you own a firearm for personal protection, chances are you have it in a lock box somewhere in your home. How often do you go in that box? How often do you even think about it? How often do you fire it? If you are like many, then you may own a gun, but it isn’t exactly part of your lifestyle. For people like you, using proper storage technology will ensure your gun works, even if it remains locked up and out of sight for a long time with little to no use.

For collectors of any kind, storing your collection in an environment that won’t degrade the condition of your collection is important. There are some pretty impressive firearms out there to find, some with very important histories attached to them, which means they are worth some money. If you collect firearms of this nature, it is unlikely that you store them away for long periods of time unseen and untouched, however, at a time you will undoubtedly need to. At these times it’s important that you use the right storage products to preserve your firearms.

2.  A gun safe isn’t the only storage concern

While you are more than welcome to stick with the traditional lock box and trigger lock – or a gun safe, these aren’t the limit of the protection available. At PreservAll, we understand that gun safes and lock boxes are an important part of the well-being of your home. If you are going to own guns, it’s important they remain out of reach in the wrong hands. On the other hand, we also recognize that some guns can sit for a long time untouched, and if left untouched or maintained too long, the gun will suffer for it.

3.  Consider new, proven technology

At PreservAll, we utilize the Intercept Technology™, which has been tested, proven and approved for use within the American military. Our gun preservation bags ensure a safe, static environment for you to store your firearm(s) in, and it can be used in conjunction with your lockbox, gun safe or other storage place.

Our pistol bags and sleeves use Intercept Technology™ to lock out air pollution, corrosive atmospheric gases, body oils and ozone to ensure your firearm remains in optimal condition while stored. Whether you have a collection that is in storage sometimes, or all of the time; whether you are an avid hunter or a person with a single firearm for home protection, you should consider purchasing a PreservAll gun sleeve or pistol storage bag for your weapon(s).

Don’t let your home firearm, hunting rifle, or hard worked-for gun collection rust or fall to disrepair while in storage. Check us out online ( ) today to learn more.

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