Simple Reasons Why You Need Gun Preservation Bags

Guns are very powerful but they’re also very delicate. Any avid gun owner can tell you how important it is to maintain and store your gun, and most states will also have laws in place on how to keep them safe. Short and long term gun preservation require quality gun preservation bags and sleeves ( ), the ones made to keep you and your favorite firearms in their best possible condition. Whether it’s a precious family heirloom or your most used hunting rifles, every gun needs the proper bag.

PreservAll’s gun preservation bags use a specialized Intercept Technology™ that is used by many of the world’s militaries to keep their firearms safe, protected, and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Intercept Technology™ provides a well-rounded gun preservation strategy that can protect your firearms from the most dangerous elements that can damage your gun outside of improper use, including the following:

  1. Reactive Gases

It may seem strange, but one of the most dangerGun Preservation Bagsous materials that can damage your guns doesn’t come in a solid or liquid form, but in a gas. Reactive gases can interact with your gun’s more delicate parts in harmful ways, but most notably with the oil that helps it fire off smoothly. Gun oil should be inspected and changed regularly, but a PreservAll gun preservation bag with Intercept Technology™ creates a seal around your gun. This helps keep these reactive gases at bay so that they don’t react with the gun oil in your firearm, which can lead to problems like misfires and permanent damage.

  1. Water and Other Liquids

Guns don’t work so well underwater, as many gun enthusiasts know, but they also don’t like water or other liquids in almost any capacity. While most guns in the rain will still operate fine, having them accidentally sit in a liquid for any length of time will ultimately lead to damages and rust. PreservAll’s gun preservation bags feature a water-resistant design that can help protect your gun from most liquids, including water.

  1. Impact

While many materials can cause damage to your gun, one major one is still fairly simple: brute force. As many guns now contain small plastic parts to make them more lightweight and easier to handle, they’ve also become more susceptible to impact damage. The right gun preservation bag, however, will keep your gun safe from heavy impacts that could otherwise damage it. Our bags are tough, built to last, and stronger than most forces that could accidentally damage your gun.

PreservAll has a wide range of gun preservation bags and sleeves designed to keep your guns and firearms safe. Whether you need a small sleeve for a handgun or a robust bag for a hunting rifle, our bags will keep your gun safe from dust, reactive gases, impacts, liquids, and more. They’re ideal for both long and short-term storage as well, providing an extra layer of protection out in the field or safe at home in your gun storage locker or safe. And with Intercept Technology™, you can be confident that your guns will be ready to use when you want them.

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