How to Select the Perfect Storage Bag for Your Garments

Some of the most beloved clothing you own is likely to be clothing you don’t wear every day. Dress clothing, like tuxedos and formal gowns, are likely sources of fond memories, but not appropriate to wear to work or even to a dinner date. So what do you do with these beautiful, unique garments when you’re not able to take them out and show them off? You can’t just stuff them in your closet or fold them in a drawer. You need to find a garment bag to keep them as fresh as the day you stored them. Here’s how to find a perfect garment bag for storing your special outfits.

Choose the Right Size

The first problem that most people think of when figuring ogarment storageut how to store a garment is the question of how to keep it from getting wrinkles. Even if you fold or hang a garment with enormous care, all it takes is one shift in position to crumple it up into a position where it can easily crease and wrinkle. The same is true of the wrong size of garment bag. If the bag is too large, it will not hold the garment in a steady position, and if it is too small, it will crumple the garment and cause it to become extremely wrinkled, especially along the bottom hem. If you are storing a wedding dress or other precious dress long-term, it is especially vital to select the correct size of garment bag.

Material Makes a Difference

You might have considered simply storing a garment in the garment bag that it came in, or using a garment bag from the dry cleaners or other service place. While this isn’t a bad solution for the short term, such as a need to protect a few shirts while travelling, it is not at all a good idea for the long term. Low quality garment bags often contain dyes and additives that can be released over time, staining your clothing. They can also degrade and crack in the closet, leaving your garments unprotected. Be certain to choose a high-quality material for your garment bag.

Full Protection Is a Must

Not only is it important to keep your garment sheltered and protected from creases and wrinkles, it’s also important to protect it from other threats. A perfect garment bag will be sealed to prevent infestation by moths, mites and other creepy creatures that might regard your treasure as a snack. It should protect from mold and mildew, as well as sunlight, which can cause discoloration and fading. All forms of pollution can ruin your clothing, and you need to protect against them all.

How PreservAll Can Help

At PreservAll, we believe in keeping your clothing as beautiful and fresh as the last time you wore them. We create our garment bags with Intercept Technology fabrics that prevent discoloring, fading, mold, and mildew. So the next time you want to strut your stuff, you’ll look as though that garment hasn’t aged a day.

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