How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown After the Big Day

When all the excitement of your wedding day is over, and your gown is safely tucked away in a closet, it can be easy to forget about it. If you plan on saving it either for your daughter, to resell later, or if you want to bring it out to relive how amazing you felt when you wore it, you have to take steps right away. Find out how to preserve your wedding gown after the big day.

Whether your gown is made of lace, satin, or silk, it is much more than just fabric, and probably cost a few months’ salary. This is why you don’t want to procrastinate preserving it. Follow the 3 tips below to avoid common post-wedding gown mistakes.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown After the big day – Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes

  1. Don’t Wait to Get Your Wedding Gown Cleaned – Do it A.S.A.P.

Although you may be tempted to keep your memories of the big day in the wedding gown preservationform of scents – your perfume and your husband’s cologne, don’t do it. Stains have a way of setting (especially the ones you can’t see – clear soda, icing with sugar in it, and white wine) and can ruin your gown.

Tiny food particles and makeup stains can eventually ruin it too, and salt from perspiration can even cause the lining to become brittle over time. Make sure you get your dress professionally cleaned within weeks of your wedding – go to a dry cleaner who specializes in cleaning wedding gowns.

Don’t try to clean it yourself with DIY remedies such as club soda, because it won’t get out greasy lipstick and this can leave rings on the fabric.

  1. Don’t Treat Your Wedding Gown Like Your Other Dresses

Don’t hang your gown by the shoulders; use the ribbons. In fact, it’s actually not recommended that you hang it because it is not good for certain fabrics such as lace, which can get stretched out of shape. As well, it can get exposed to too much light, which isn’t good for the fabric either.

  1. Use the Right Tool for the Job – A Garment Bag Designed for Wedding Dress Storage

The best place to store you dress is in a bag specially made to keep your gown as beautiful as the day you found it in the store and fell in love with it.  PreservAll’s garment bags are the acid-paper free, non-toxic solution to affordably and effectively store your wedding gown. The use of Intercept Technology™ in our garment bags protects against mold, mildew and even air pollution such as corrosive gasses. Intercept Technology is environmentally friendly, ensuring your dress remains properly protected.

There are plenty of garment bags and storage solutions on the market, but just because it says “storage” doesn’t mean it’s effective. You need a storage bag that does more than “store”, you need a storage bag that actively protects your gown for years.

At PreservAll, we know the importance of preserving the things that matter the most. To find out more about our specialty garment bags, please visit our website.

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