Garment Bags – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

People have been trying to protect their treasures for a long, long time. Once upon a time, we buried them in metal boxes, or just buried them in the ground. Surprisingly, many things lasted through the ages in this manner, but those things were not papers or clothing. Things like garments, made of silk, or cotton, or man-made fibers, need to be specially preserved so that they last a long time, but they might not fare much better in an ordinary garment storage bag or box than they would just hang in the closet. If you want to properly preserve your garments, go with PreservAll garment storage bags. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about garment bags.

Prepare the garment before putting it in the bag

First of all, don’t just think that you can throw the garment into the bag and it will be protected. Have it professionally cleaned first, by a dry cleaner that uses only virgin solvents and no harsh chemical cleaning solutions. Let the clothing dry completely before putting it away. Hang it in the closet for a week before putting it in the bag to be sure that mold will not grow, and the solvents will dissipate. Hang it out of the sun, and away from a window, and find a cool, dry place in your house to keep the garment bag for the long term.

garment storage bagsGarment bags can damage the item

Ordinary garment bags can actually damage the items stored in them. These bags may have chemical additives in them, which can be released from the bag over time and damage the sensitive garment inside, especially if the bag is kept closed for many years. As well, chemicals may have been added to the garment itself during the dry-cleaning process. If the garment, say a wedding dress, comes straight from the dry-cleaner and into the bag to be sealed and not thought of for 25 years, then the chemicals remain trapped in the bag with the dress.

A better way

Another thing to be concerned about is that the clothing item will still age inside an ordinary garment bag. Threading may rot, fabric can weaken, and dust, mildew, mold and insects can still somehow find their way into the bag. Damage to buttons, zippers, and other decorations can still occur if the garment is snagged on the bag, or pulled in some way. An ordinary plastic garment bag is no protection for your treasured items; using one will only make you feel better. Fine papers, old books and documents are actually protected and preserved by their coverings. Why can’t we do the same with garment bags?

We can. With a PreservAll garment bag, which was designed by people with a long history of understanding museum preservation, they have developed a new material called Intercept Technology™ designed to act as a barrier to atmospheric gases that can eat away at your wedding dress or other fabric treasures. It protects the garment as it stores it, and you will never have to worry about it for years to come. Don’t trust your treasures to a fabric bag that is not even close to the quality of the garment inside it.

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