Making Wedding Dress Preservation a Piece of Cake

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her entire life, so why not preserve a special piece of that day by ensuring that your wedding dress stands the test of time? At PreservAll, we specialize in the preservation, making memories last a lifetime. We make wedding dress preservation easy, offering a garment bag that takes the hassle out of storing your most valuable items.

Why Preservation?

A wedding is likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes meticulous planning over a very long period of time. With all of the effort and money that goes into your special day, it is only fitting to save a special symbol of this event to cherish for years to come. By choosing wedding dress preservation, you will be able to maintain the memory of your wedding day for today, tomorrow, and for the next generation.

The Ultimate in Garment Storage

Storing your wedding dress in traditional boxes, dry cleaner bags or plastic bags can actually be harmful.  Some of the materials and additives in these items can cause irreversible damage to the sensitive fabrics and decorative pieces that make up your dress. PreservAll is the only provider offering consumers access to a long-term, chemical-free garment protection bags, which is specifically designed to preserve garments, Wedding Dress preservationtextiles, clothing, and a variety of other materials affected by the environment. At PreservAll, wedding dress preservation not only encompasses superior protection for textiles and fabrics, but also protects a wide range of materials that may adorn your dress, including ornamental beading, buttons, specialty threads, as well as decorative metals, clasps, and fasteners. By simply placing your wedding dress within our wedding dress preservation bags, your dress will remain properly protected for up to twenty years.

Intercept Technology™

At PreservAll, we specialize in patented Intercept Technology™, a revolutionary material, developed over 25 years ago. Scientists at Bell Labs were able to combine a proprietary copper particle with a plastic material in order to create a highly reactive protective sheeting. Originally conceived as a response to the protection of valuable museum garments, Intercept Technology™ is now the most advanced protective material for packaging as a result of its superior performance, ease of use, flexibility and simplicity. This material will create a barrier around your wedding dress that neutralizes pollution, mold, and mildew – all of which are capable of fading and weakening fabrics and materials over time. Wedding dress preservation with Intercept Technology™ ensures that your dress remains protected from a wide range of potential threats, including airborne contaminants, bacteria, sunlight and ultraviolet rays, as well as dirt, dust, and insects. If keeping your wedding dress – and your memories – in pristine condition is important to you, our patented Intercept Technology™ will not let you down.

Premium Cloth Wedding Dress Bag

At PreservAll, we offer garment storage bags, which are specifically designed for use with wedding dresses. There are two sizes to choose from: our Premium Cloth Wedding Dress Bag, measuring 24” by 42”, and our Extended Premium Cloth Wedding Dress Bag, measuring 24” by 72”. Do not let your special memories fall victim to fading, discoloration, or mildew by putting a value on wedding dress preservation. Order your own Premium Cloth Wedding Dress Bag today through PreservAll – Superior Preservation Protection.

What You Should Know About Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is one of the most important garments you own, even if you don’t really wear it more than once. It represents an important day in your life, a special moment that symbolized the next step in your life. Since it has so much sentimental value, it’s important that you keep your wedding dress looking its absolute best for years to come. Whether you wore your dress years ago, or are keeping it ready for your big day, you’ll need these four things to preserve your wedding dress.

  1. Proper Handling Techniques

While the movies often show brides-to-be swinging their dresses around their bedrooms and incessantly hugging them, this is a terrible idea for real-world gowns. Wedding dresses are very delicate pieces of clothing, ones that require you to be extra careful when handling them. Always wash your hands and dry them completely before handling your dress. If you can, wear a pair of white cotton gloves for added protection. Before you remove it from its packaging, pay careful attention to how it was put in. When you’re done handling it, try and return it to that packaging that same way.

  1. Professional Cleaners

Even fresh off the rack, wedding gowns will need a good cwedding dress preservationleaning. And after the big day, you’ll definitely need to have the dress cleaned. Wedding cake and champagne, after all, are difficult to get out o
n your own. Try and take your dress to the professionals as soon as you can after your wedding day. If you already have a trusted cleaner, ask them if they clean wedding dresses as well. If you don’t, look for cleaners who specialize in wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are made from unique materials and often have delicate decorations, so finding a professional that specializes in wedding dress cleaning is absolutely essential.

  1. The Perfect Garment Bag

Wedding dress preservation is nearly impossible without the right garment bag. At PresevAll, we have developed a specialized wedding dress garment bag that keeps your dress looking its best for years to come. The secret is our Intercept Technology™, which absorbs and neutralizes atmospheric gasses that cause fabrics to yellow and colors to fade, and also prevents mold and mildew.

  1. The Right Space

While having the right garment bag is absolutely essential for wedding gown preservation, you’ll also need to store your dress, in the bag, at the right location. Most of the time, the perfect spot for your wedding gown is actually right in front of you: your closet. Closets are cool, dark, and generally undisturbed, which makes them the perfect place for wedding gowns. Walk-in closets are the best, since you can keep your wedding dress in an often-undisturbed location to reduce the chances of harming the material. If no such place exists, you can carefully lay the dress under your bed, provided that such a space is dedicated solely to your gown and nothing else.

Your wedding dress is important, which is why you need to do everything you can to keep it looking its best. With these four things, you should be able to enjoy your wedding dress, now and in the future.

5 Steps to Preserve and Store Your Wedding Dress

Many brides don’t want to sell or give away their wedding dress after their big day. A lot of women want to hold onto their gown as a memento of their wedding. They may have plans to pass it onto a friend or loved one when it’s time for them to get married. To ensure your dress looks amazing, you need to store it correctly.

Have Your Dress Cleaned

Don’t let your body oil or food and beverage stains that are on your preserving and storing wedding dressdress sink in. It’s advisable to bring your dress to be dry cleaned the day after your wedding. This will prevent anything that is on the dress from permanently damaging the gown and it turning yellow. Professional dry cleaning will ensure that your dress is properly cleaned, and some can treat the gown to repel stains in the future.

Consider the Environment Where You Want to Store Your Dress

When you are storing the dress, you should carefully consider the location where you are placing it. If that area is extraordinarily cold or hot, is prone to dust and dirt, or may have pests, you wouldn’t want to store the dress there. Your dress could be ruined if you place it in an inhospitable area. Also, look for a cool dark area to store the garment to prevent light damage to the fibers.

Be Aware of Your Storage Materials

To keep your dress looking great for years to come, you should also make sure that the storage materials that you are using are appropriate for the long-term storage of your gown.  When you buy, transport, and store your gown, you should use acid-free boxes, tissue paper, or garment bags to ensure that it doesn’t leach any chemicals into your dress that could discolor the fabric.

Buy a Wedding Dress Garment Bag

In order to be absolutely sure that your gown will be well preserved, you should invest in a wedding dress storage bag from PreservAll to keep it safe. These bags prevent fabric and any colors in your gown from discoloring, light damage, infiltration of dirt, mildew, mold, and insects so your dress will look perfect—even when you celebrate anniversary after anniversary with your special someone.

Conduct Checks on Your Stored Wedding Gown

Once you have your wedding dress cleaned, have it stored it in the proper location and buy an appropriate garment bag; it will still require periodic checks to evaluate the condition of your dress, but it will keep it much more well-preserved overall. You should check your dress once or twice a year for damage, such as discoloration, stains, holes, and you should also ensure that the beading or crystal embellishment is unaffected.

If you want to keep your dress looking great for a long time, it does take effort and care. You need to ensure you store your dress in the right place, and in the right materials. Choosing the right wedding gown preservation bag can mean the difference between being able to take out your dress and be proud of it on your 15th anniversary, or having to get rid of it after only a few years.