8 Great Ideas to Help You Store Your Treasured Garments

The most wonderful memories are often defined by what we were wearing that day. Just looking at a dress can bring back the feeling of the day along with its smells, its sights and its sounds. The dress is a piece of that memory, and it is important to preserve it until some day when it can be a part of a new memory. Clothing is too important to just be hung in the closet where it can be damaged or spoiled. Lace can go yellow, anything can be eaten by moths, and coat hanger damage is everywhere. It is important to preserve these beautiful memories by storing them properly. Here are eight great ideas to help you store your treasured garments until you need them again.

1.  Never store garments when they are wet. Make sure they are completely dry to keep everything in your closet safe from mold and mildew.

2.  Make sure your clothing is clean before you store it. Dirt and other things can spread germs, can cause dis-coloration, or can just weaken the fabric. Storing a dirty garment in a plastic bag can trap the contaminant inside with the garment.

3.  Pay attention to what you are storing your garments in. Ordinary bags, boxes or dry cleaner bags may contain additives or chemicals that can damage your garment. Ironic, isn’t it? The thing you thought would protect it is the thing that could cause the damage. Make sure you are storing the garment in something that is clean, dry, and free of chemicals or contaminants.

4.  Find the right bag. Instead of just hoping your bag is clean, buy a good bag that is specially designed for the purpose. Our garment storage bag, for instance, is specially engineered to protect your treasure from any airborne contaminants, sunlight or ultraviolet rays, and pollution. It also protects from dirt, dust, insects, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

garment storage bag5.  Have the garment cleaned by a professional dry cleaner who uses virgin solvents and cleaning solutions. When the garment is returned to you, take it out of the bag for 48 hours so that the solutions can dissolve.

6.  Never hang any garments in direct sunlight. The UV rays can weaken the fabric and fade the colors. Don’t store your garment in the attic or the basement. It’s too damp in the basement and too hot and dry in the attic. Try to find a neutral spot.

7.  Be careful with any buttons, bows, or zippers on the garment. They may snag or tear the fabric.

8.  Store with the experts. For your very precious antique clothing, uniforms, or wedding dresses, take advantage of the technology that PreservAll can offer. Based on years in the document and museum preservation fields, we have put that knowledge to use in designing a special bag that will protect all your treasures from fading, mold, or mildew. We know how to store and preserve things properly. The bags are chemical free and specially designed for textiles.

Like your memories, protect your treasures. Preserve your garments properly and both will last a lifetime.

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