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Hunting Suit Bag
Hunting Suit Bag
Hunting Suit Bag Hunting Suit Bag

Hunting Suit Bag

Hunters demand the most out of their equipment during the hunting season. Cleaned and oiled guns get stored carefully in a safe and/or in Intercept gun bags and sleeves, boots get clean and dried, but what about clothing? Clothes that cover up the smell of humans are important to preserving the stealth required for hunting. But these same hunting suits are also a magnet for odors, moisture, mold, mildew, and fungus. That’s why hunters will love our PreservAll Hunting Suit bags with our heavy duty Intercept foil that protect their hunting suits by providing a barrier to those elements. Keep your hunting suits pristine year after year, with PreservAll, to prevent picking up stray odors from animals, storage locations, cars, hunting cabins, and tents. Our PreservAll Hunting Suit Bags help reduce odors, are portable, durable, and safely encase your hunting suits whether in the field or at home. PreservAll provides simply better odor and mildew control for your hunting suits.

6 mil Heavy Duty Intercept Foil (Zip Slide Closure)

24" x 40"

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