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Day in and day out, going to work or out on the town, you try to look and dress your best. You've invested in an extensive wardrobe of fine/designer handbags and shoes. But what's protecting your investment in your closet? If you are like many others, you really don't think about the degradation to the leather, fabric and/or decorative enhancements, but it is happening. Atmospheric pollution, ozone, cleaning residue, lotions, and even body oils can lead to the degradation of your shoes and purses. Keep your items in the best possible condition for years to come by placing them in a PreservAll Shoe and Purse bag.

PreservAll utilizes Intercept Technology™ to react with and permanently neutralize corrosive gasses in the air. The reactive polymers in our products actively remove the harmful compounds that cause and/or accelerate the degradation of your shoes and/or handbag(s). PreservAll bags also help prevent damage from mold and mildew. Our technology is clean and green, and will not harm your items. Start protecting your leather and decorative items now!

PreservAll ...simply better protection for your leather and decorative items.


Premium Designer Cloth Shoe/Purse Bag:
12" x 16"
18" x 24"

Premium Designer Cloth Boot/Purse Bag:
24" x 24"

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