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Digital Data Sleeves
Digital Data Sleeves

Digital Data Sleeves

In today’s world of computers, people are accumulating more and larger amounts of personal data, photos, scans, and even software outside of their computer. With viruses spreading, and the need to have more available storage space on their computers, more people are turning to the proven technology of CDs to backup and protect this data. However, over time CDs start to degrade, eventually becoming corrupt and even losing their data due to pollutants in the air, mold, and mildew. In order to solve this problem, we created PreservAll CD Sleeves that use Intercept Technology™ materials, to block corrosive gasses, as well as mold and mildew, from damaging your discs and other digital data. Our CD Sleeves dramatically increase the life of your discs and data.

In 2001 the Public Records Office (PRO) in the UK digitized their copies of the Doomsday books (1080). Less than six months later the digital data could not be retrieved due to corruption of the CD’s (thankfully they still had the 1000-year-old books as backup). So don’t let this happen to your important data. Do as professional archivists do: safely store your CD’s, DVD’s, Blue-ray, and other digital data in Preservall CD Sleeves with Intercept Technology™...simply better protection for all forms of your digital data.

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