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Tapestries / Rugs
Tapestries / Rugs
Tapestries / Rugs Tapestries / Rugs Tapestries / Rugs

Tapestries / Rugs

Tapestries, like any other form of art, are visually stimulating. However, the complex coloring in thread dyes is subject to fading, just like a painted picture, but it is much more difficult to repair color fade in a tapestry than it is in a painting. Use PreservAll sheets to protect your stored tapestries from the harmful atmospheric pollution that is becoming more prevalent in today’s environment. PreservAll utilizes Intercept Technology™ which was developed by Bell Labs to protect items from corrosion and deterioration. This same technology is being used by leading museums to protect all forms of art from environmental pollutants. Our products not only prevent color fade, but also prevent the fabric (cotton, wool, silk, or metallic fibers) from degrading over time. By simply wrapping your tapestry before storing, you will ensure that it is getting the same reliable protection as many of the paintings in the Getty Museum collection.

PreservAll and Intercept Technology™...simply the best protection for your tapestries. NOTE: Call for custom sizes.

Tapestry kit: (Kit Includes 6 mil Preservall sheet, 2 satin strips)

48”x72” Preservall sheet (for 36”x60” tapestry)

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