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Preservation Process

Preservation Process

Much has been written about the best way to preserve items for storage, including what has been written by us from our experience in working with conservators around the world. Intercept Technology™ was specifically developed as an easy and safe method to protect documents, fabrics, textiles, clothing, and to prevent their destruction from fading, mold, or mildew due to improper storage. For nearly 20 years, our patented technology has been utilized at leading museums around the world including the Getty Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Smithsonian, and many others. In order to protect items, we had to study why items degraded. Below are summaries of why items degrade and what we do to protect them – if you want more technical information or have archival questions please contact us at

The Dangers of Plastic Storage

Standard plastics, dry cleaner bags, and plastic garment bags all contain additives which can escape the plastic and leave deposits that can damage sensitive keepsakes, photos, fabrics, garments, etc. Intercept Technology™ bags by PreservAll are extremely clean... they contain no chemicals, volatiles or contaminates, and also protect against mold and mildew. Standard plastics offer no such protection; in fact they can trap contaminants inside with your items.

Fabrics and Garments for Storage

In order to properly protect fabrics and garments, professional cleaning is necessary. Be sure to take the garment only to a professional cleaner that does their own cleaning (does not send it out to a 3rd party). It's important that they use only virgin solvents and cleaning solutions.

Bring the garment home in the standard cleaner bag and promptly remove it. Hang it up in a cool, dry location (away from the sunlight) for 48 hours so the cleaning fluids can properly evaporate. Never leave your garment in direct sunlight for any extended period of time. UV rays can damage the fabric and fade the vibrancy of the colors. After allowing the garment to air out, hang it on an archival-quality hanger. Plastic is always preferred over wooden hangers, which contain toxic and harmful chemicals that can also damage your garment. Then, simply place it in the PreservAll Garment Bag made with Intercept, zip the bottom of the bag and you are set to store your garment.

Select a location to hang the garment that is cool and dry. Avoid the temptation to store fabrics in the attic or basement. Attics get far too hot, and basements are often too damp. Air pollution and their corrosive gases tend to be greater at the low points of the house. The PreservAll Garment Bag will provide your garments with up to 20 years of effective protection.

Document, Stamps, Comic Books and Book Storage

Books, documents and other printed materials are sensitive to the corrosion of small contaminants of iron from paper processing machines – this type of corrosion and the production of brown spots in the paper is called "foxing". Intercept by PreservAll protects against foxing as well as mold and mildew damage. Intercept will not reverse damage that has already started or occurred, but it can stop further damage from occurring.

In addition, paper products are sensitive to ozone and sulfur degradation, both of which Intercept by PreservAll provides effective, long term protection from.

Digital Data Storage

Digital data, in the form of magnetic media and tapes, can be damaged by the effects of white mold and ozone, both of which are prevented by Intercept products.

CD's and DVD's are damaged in four main ways:

  1. Physical scratching of the bottom side – this is under the user's control.
  2. Ozone damage – keep your items away from direct sunlight.
  3. ESD discharge – 11,700 volts will damage the reflective layer.
  4. White mold can break down the topcoat leaving the aluminum layer susceptible to damage.

Intercept CD and DVD protection was specifically designed to protect against all four forms of damage.

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