Odor Control

The Intercept Foil Technology uses an inner layer of Intercept, combined with a layer of conductive carbon, bound (trapped) between the metal barrier and the Intercept layer. This carbon layer absorbs odors coming or emitting from inside the closed Intercept Foil bag or wrap, as well as working in conjunction with the foil barrier film to keep odors and other contaminates from coming through the bag – as they will through normal packaging materials. The Intercept Foil bags combine all of the properties of the Intercept Technology™ and add additionally:

  1. Superior odor control – keeping odors out and absorbing odors from the inside of the bag or wrap due to the patented carbon layer.
  2. Provides superior moisture protection to items that are sensitive to moisture and/or water.
  3. Ideal for long term storage – used by automotive companies to protect sensitive spare parts for 20 years or more.
  4. Provides protection from mold and mildew attacks and spreading.
  5. Made to be volatile and contamination free to ensure that it also complies with the full definition of Museum Quality and Odor Control.

Intercept Technology™ products have been used for over 2 decades at leading museums around the world (Getty, Guggenheim, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Tate, Smithsonian and more), mints, archives and fortune 500 companies for short to long term storage, archiving data, protecting components, parts and assemblies in shipping and storage.

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