Museum Quality

Unfortunately, since there is no uniform standard that measures “Museum Quality” the term is often used to mean a variety of things., so much so that it becomes confusing. We follow the strict use of the phrase as museum curators and professional preservationists use it. Museum Quality to them, in regards to packaging, is that the packaging is inert, volatile free and does no harm to what it is protecting.

We stand behind this definition with all Preservall products, since they all utilize the proven Intercept Technology™. The Intercept Technology™ as developed by Bell Labs not only causes no harm to what it is protecting, it actively provides protection in a multiple of ways:

  1. Intercept with its backbone of bound Copper permanently neutralizes (removes) atmospheric pollution, the same gases that causes fabrics to lose their vibrancy and strength, as well as cause discoloration and staining on fabrics, leather, quilts, paper, photos, metal items and more.
  2. The Copper in Intercept Technology™ products also helps to fight against mold and mildew when in direct contact with the items being protected.
  3. Intercept Technology™ products are always volatile and contamination free – nothing to contaminate or coat the items being protected.
  4. Intercept Technology™ products also keep protecting for years.
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