Garment Protection

PreservAll Garment Storage Bags proudly utilize the Intercept Technology™---an easy, safe/non-toxic, effective, and proven method to actively protect your garments and your memories for today, tomorrow and for the next generation. Do not allow your memories to be tarnished by a garment that falls victim to fading, mold, mildew or improper storage. Traditional garment storage bags, boxes, and plastic bag materials can cause damage to sensitive fabrics and decorative pieces of your garments. These packaging and storage materials can cause damage to your items. Standard plastics, dry cleaner bags, and plastic garment bags, and many other storage products contain additives which can be released from the plastic and leave deposits on your garments, thereby damaging sensitive materials. PreservAll Garment Storage Bags are extremely clean and do not contain any chemicals, volatiles or contaminates. The PreservAll Bags have been specially engineered to ensure years of safe storage, protecting your favorite items from airborne contaminants, pollution, sunlight, ultraviolet rays, dirt, dust, insects, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

PreservAll not only delivers superior protection for textiles and fabrics, but it also protects all the materials used in the creation of your most prized garments: ornamental beading, buttons, decorative metals, clasps and fasteners, specialty threads, leathers, faux fur, animal skins, plastics, and more. Only PreservAll utilizes Intercept Technology™, the leader in clean, chemical-free protection for all of these different materials. Keep your memories and your garments as fresh as the day you walked received them...with PreservAll Garment Storgage Bags.

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