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Comic Book Protection
Comic Book Protection

Comic Book Protection

Because they are typically printed on lower grade papers, most comic books age poorly. Consumers and collectors must take great care to preserve the comics’ original condition, appearance and value. While archival products will not cause your comics to deteriorate, they will not actively protect them from the earth’s ever increasing corrosive environment. Thankfully, PreservAll now offers Intercept Technology™ to consumers. The Intercept Technology™ reacts with and permanently neutralizes atmospheric pollutants that cause discoloring and fading.

PreservAll’s comic book protection sleeves use the Intercept Technology™ to clean the environment inside of the bag containing your comic book while providing a clear front. The PreservAlll system allows for complete, long term protection against corrosive gasses, mold and mildew while allowing you to see and enjoy your collectible comics. PreservAll and Intercept Technology™… simply better protection for your valuable comics.

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Size: 7 x 10.5

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